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Tobias Associates, Inc.

Tobias Associates, Inc., is a progressive family-owned manufacturer of innovative graphic arts equipment. In addition to the printing industry, Tobias also serves the photographic, micrographic, radiographic, pulp and paper, and electronic publishing industries.

The company was founded by Philip E. Tobias in Glenside, Pennsylvania in 1959, as a graphic arts consulting business. Educated as an engineer, Mr. Tobias' graphic arts expertise was acquired during the ten years that he served as Director of Research and Development for a Philadelphia based printer. It was at that time that he became recognized as a technical authority in the field. In 1960, with the consulting business a success, the manufacturing operation was established, its product line geared toward the continuing improvement and consistency of print quality.

Tobias invented and produced the first benchtop digital transmission densitometer and the first automatic scanning densitometer. Both inventions revolutionized the printing industry, greatly improving the ability to measure and control image quality.

They have since become standard items, used everywhere. In addition, Tobias has developed and manufactures automated plate scanners and 2-dimensional scanning densitometers for applications ranging from high-speed webs with 1/16" colorbars to press sheets as large as 78 inches.

Through the years, Tobias Associates has become universally recognized as a leader in the industry, producing some of the most sophisticated and innovative instruments on the market today. The company, having grown significantly with worldwide distribution, retains its commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Tobias now staffs an extensive, dedicated engineering department which creatively manages product development and service.

Their wide-ranging in-house capabilities include mechanical and electronic design, as well as software programming. Reflecting present day needs in the graphic arts and printing industries, the current Tobias product line includes Digital and Optical Automatic Plate Scanners, Scanning Densitometers, Tabletop and Portable Densitometers, Mottle Testers and other application-specific instruments. All Tobias Associates products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

"Creative By Design - Proven By Performance"


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